Are you in building or tear down mode?

What relationships are you taking the time to build? It’s a commitment, but so is anything worth waiting for. Author and inspirational leader T.D. Jakes states in his book  Destiny, “If y0u can’t build relationships, you are being torn down. Building relationships takes time that people often aren’t willing to devote, partly because time is a limited resource for us all.”

In our microwave, Snapchat society, we often overlook the value in spending time to ask someone about their family, to forward that article that your colleague would enjoy, to write a REAL thank you note. Yes, these things take time, but remember, if you want to grow and move forward in your own life, the best way to put that growth on warp speed is to spend a little time investing in others.  An investment in others is an investment in yourself.  Have a great week! #investinYOU

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