How are YOU living?

0167558558e0c45379ccafe6f5d768776544089694Last year around this time we were celebrating a milestone birthday for my daughter. We are big on themed parties and events, so when deciding on a theme for the big celebration, she decided on Y.O.L.O.– You Only Live Once, which was an “in” phrase from some pop/ hip hop star. In any case, it was a great time to be had by all, rolling from one destination to another in limousine full of giddy teenagers signing at the top of their lungs.

We lose some of that giddiness as we become adults, caught up in the busyness of life– meetings, deadlines, paying bills, carpool. When was the last time you danced like no one was watching, ate a bowl gourmet ice cream guilt free, enjoyed a massage with the cell phone completely off?

Sometimes, we need to remember that we only live once, and that yesterday is history, tomorrow is unknown, but the present is with us. Taking a moment to enjoy today is not only refreshing, but sorely needed to give our brains and body a break from the chaos of daily life. So, take a moment to consider something you haven’t done yet, and go for it! Remember, Y.O.L.O.!