100% Authentic Mentor and Speaker

Who is Dr. Shirley Neeley Richardson? Well, she will forever be “Commissioner Neeley” to thousands of educators and officials across the state, having served in the highest ranking position of leadership in K-12 education in Texas. ┬áThis is how I first came to know her.

But as I have grown to know her more, up close and personal as not only a powerful leader, but as a woman of integrity and absolutely one of the most genuine people you will ever know!

As Commissioner, she provided me a rare chance at a unique leadership opportunity. ┬áBut she didn’t stop there– she openly gave me her full support, including serving as a sincere mentor and personal cheerleader! I learned to sit up and pay attention when I heard the phrase “Now listen here girlfriend!”

We should all be so blessed to have a source of inspiration professionally and personally. To have a role model for how to exhibit power and strength gracefully and authentically through the ups AND the downs.

I look forward to sharing the story of more women of strength here and live on Friday, May 6th in Austin, Texas, where we intend to share these incredible stories of strength, perseverance and remaining authentically YOU.

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