Whether it is policy development, agency rule making, or training and professional development, it is important to capture the entire picture. PVH Consulting Group does just that. From strategic planning at the 40,000 foot “forest level” or diving into the details and viewing the leaves up close, PVH Consulting Group has both the depth and the breadth to meet your needs.

We Speak the Language
To achieve basic fluency in a new language that is close to your native one, it could take minimally several hundred hours of consistent study and practice. The more different and difficult the language, the hours required for basic fluency rise exponentially. To achieve mastery and advanced proficiency, get ready to burn the midnight oil.

So what’s your proficiency level in all things legislative or administrative policymaking—really? We recognize that the inner workings of the legislative and state agency process may appear to be a foreign language to most people unfamiliar with the people and the policies. And certainly in our busy world that is focused on efficiency, you and your staff don’t have 200-500 hours to learn the ins and outs when there is so much at stake. Get help from someone who has put in the hours already. PVH Consulting Group is not only well versed in “policy -speak”, but is connected to and respected by the other players in the field, a valuable resource in and of itself.

Connecting the Dots in Business and Management

Relationships are integral in our world today, as the global marketplace is virtually at our doorstep. Partnerships and collaborations developed in one arena are no longer relevant solely in a vacuum, but across sectors and industries. PVH Consulting Group’s years of collaborating and relationship building now translate into a valuable asset to the CEO or Executive Director who needs help creating the new public policy agenda or developing a fund development strategic plan.